CoFigure Website

Designing and implementing a corporate website in 3 weeks from initial conceptualization to launch.

CoFigure (July 2017 - October 2017) Year | Collaboration with a content writer, manager and external development agency. My role was to conceptualize the websites design, user experience, create all the visual assets and work with external developers.

CoFigure is a suite of HR applications built on the ServiceNow platform. This was my first project as a UI/ UX designer. As the only UI/UX designer on the team I had complete control over the visual design and color choices.

I worked directly with the company owner to gather requirements and business goals. I worked with a content writer to perfect the wording.

I helped define the internal branding guideline for the company, creating all their icons, style sheets, font guidelines, etc.

My first few attempts at visual design failed miserably but by trying different designs I came up with something awesome!

I worked with an external agency to get the website developed. While integrating the website with Hubspot I learnt HTML and CSS so I could edit the code on my own. I created different wireframes for mobile, tablet and desktop for maximum optimization.

Click screens below to view wireframes on AdobeXD:

Visit the live CoFigure website on your mobile, phone or tablet: