Delhi Ki Takhth

A strategy board game inspired by 1600's India.

One month project

I designed a board game focused on strategy with a small component of luck.

It is inspired by North Indian politics in the 16th century. Lack of cooperation between Indian kings made invasions very common in India.

This game follows the Maratha leader Shivaji, the British's East India company and the Mughal King Aurangzeb on their quest to capture the throne of India- Delhi!

The three players:

I created many iterations of the game by conducting multiple play-tests, which revealed bugs and logical errors. This informed my rules and after more than 10 test games the rules work great!

I laser cut the final board, hand painted all the pieces and customized the final design to make it look spectacular.

The final game uses skills that involve strategy and having fun!

Read the rule book: