HR Applications portfolio

Responsible for end to end product design life cycle of three HR SaaS applications on the ServiceNow platform, from initial conceptualization to release.

CoFigure (July 2017 - August 2018) | Collaboration with a team of seven developers and the business owner. My role was to conceptualize product functionality, conduct user research, design all screens (including user experience and interfaces) and prioritize development.

I led and managed the product development lifecycle of three applications: Applicant Tracking System (ATS), Kudos (Employee Recognition System and Learning Management System (LMS)

1. Potential Market Space

Market research revealed that leading HR applications are not fully integrated with companies enterprise applications. As a product designer I saw a need for applications to communicate with each other to reduce silos and increase efficiency.

2. Product features and prioritization

I created a list of product features and prioritized them based on business and user requirements to create minimum viable products (MVP).

3. Building applications on the ServiceNow platform

I learnt how the ServiceNow platform works by getting certified in the ServiceNow CSA admin course. I designed the applications keeping the capabilities and constraints of the ServiceNow platform in mind.

To maintain consistency in the portals I created a dashboard to house all the applications in one portal!


Applicant tracking system is an application to support the all the processes in the recruitment cycle.

Current ATS systems require hiring managers to filter applicants through emails and excel sheets making them repetitive and inefficient. As a customer experience lead my work was to streamline and digitize these processes.


Kudos is an employee recognition platform built to create an engaging culture through appreciation and recognition.

My user research in the form of interviews revealed that the recognition mechanism needed to be informal and the rewards needed to be tangible.


Learning Management is a tool to leverage a single interface to manage both online and offline learning programs, to skill, reskill and upskill employees

Current systems are very scattered. Users have to go through lists of links in company pdf’s to find the right courses. An integrated system that provides easy access is desired.

CoFigure applications are now live in the ServiceNow store: