Sixth Sense

Obstacle sensor that helps prevent falls caused by visual impairment in the elderly by alerting the user to obstacles.

Four month Industrial design project

For my first Industrial design project we were tasked with designing walker accessories for the elderly. I had the opportunity to observe and interview the elderly at On Lok (assisted living center) for one month.

At On Lok sharp turns, small bumps and cracks in the floor and furniture could pose safety hazards as some of the elderly were visually impaired.

According to the Wall street Journal, Falling is the leading cause of death by injury in older adults with one in three falls each year.

My design is an obstacle sensor that helps prevent falls by alerting the user to obstacles.

It works on the principle of rear object detection systems in cars.

This device is simple to use while promoting safety and independence.

“This device addresses a major issue (falls) in older adults” -Micha (activity Coordinator at On Lok)